Pneumatische Abstellgleis Spule Nagler Pistole CN55 (nicht die gewohnheitssteuer)

Pneumatische Abstellgleis Spule Nagler Pistole CN55 (nicht die gewohnheitssteuer)

Pneumatische Abstellgleis Spule Nagler Pistole CN55 (nicht die gewohnheitssteuer)

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12" 7 Segment Of The Modules Red Color Digita Numbers,led Signs Outdoor Waterproof Module,led Gas Price,led Oil Price


gas price changers \ outdoor led gas price signs \ led gas price displays led oil price sign used for

Waterproof digits module:1 digit=7 segment of the modules.

We have  We have 6'' €™/8'' €™/10'' €™/12'' €™/15'' €™/18'' €™/20'' €™/22'' €™/24 €™''etc.

The client can install the led digits sign by themselves in their own requirement.

Anyway, if the led sign has something wrong, the client can replace the segment module by themselves. It is very easy and convenient. Also we can provide the installation and connecting drawing to our clients. Clients can follow it to do easily.

But the products that were made before can not like this, if the led sign has something wrong, we need to check the whole sign, and change the program and the broken leds.

It is not convenient.


The modules are With injection molding, using the Sealed silicone treatment,

It can be waterproof by themselves.

The products which were made before can not be waterproof totally.

Because they used the PC board on the surface, but the water can come into the inside of the led sign.


The brightness of the module: HP 14*12mil chip, brightness (4000MCD)---for red color. Green/white/blue will be brighter.

The angel of the led is 65 degree (the best).












12 Inch Red Digital (29)


led (12)




led (8)


all kinds of SIZE




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