Buy You Don't Need Your Glasses or Contacts: Natural Ways to Correct Your Vision Without Drugs or Corrective Lenses

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Glasses and contacts are a pain. I tried to wear contact lenses while playing college and professional football and it just doesn't work. I was always getting sweat, dirt or even fingers in my eyes that just became annoying. After my football days, I decided to go on a quest. My mission was to find out if there were any ways to recover vision naturally, without corrective lenses. This book is a summary of what I found. In it I share how I was able to eliminate my glasses completely after ONE DAY! Granted, eventually I had to revisit some of these techniques but that was 2 years later! The majority of what I personally used was from the Bates Method. I am only a satisfied Bates student not a certified Bates practitioner. I wrote this book just to share the information so that it may help those in need. Here is some of what you will discover: Relaxation of body and eyes Breathing Exercise One: Deep Breathing Exercise Two: Lens Flexor Stretching Body Movement Exercise One: Sway Exercise Two: Long Swing Exercise Three: Cross-Crawl Energetic Yawning Blinking Palming Sunning Pinhole glasses Alternate Eye Movements Lazy Eights Central fixation Exercise 1: Tibetan Wheel Exercise 2: Snellen Chart Exercise 3: Domino Chart Exercise 4: Edging Exercise 5: Mandala Eye Oblique Stretch Near & Far Visualization Analytic seeing Chiropractic & Vision Nutrition This is a comprehensive collection from books, articles and research that I discovered on this journey to natural clear vision. Who is this book for? •Anyone, from 5 to 100 who wishes to make their vision better as it’s never too late to do so. •Anyone who has problems with seeing correctly and wants to be able to do so. •Anyone who uses weak, moderate or even strong reading glasses, or even bifocals or trifocals. •Anyone who experiences eye strain, fatigue, or headaches when reading or trying to focus on the computer screen. •Anyone with excellent near-point vision who wishes to keep it that way and save themselves from having to wear glasses. I hope you enjoy the information shared here. I've also included a list of 20 foods that optimize visual health. To Better Vision!

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